Our Relocation Process

Our diverse array of disciplines qualifies us to represent your company through every step of the real estate process. From helping define your needs and objectives to assisting you with any post-occupancy issues, our full attention will be on you. Specifically, we will guide you through three distinct phases in the relocation process:


Phase I – Analyzing

During this initial phase, we will help you identify and clarify your requirements and goals. Based on this assessment, we will assist you in developing an immediate and long range facilities strategy that is optimal for you. This strategy will determine the Project Schedule, as well as the criteria and priorities against which site alternatives will be evaluated. Throughout this initial phase, we will be establishing and solidifying our working relationship with you.

The analyzing phase consists of the following steps.

Assess Current Situation
  • Analyze existing facilities
  • Pinpoint your facilities needs and objectives
  • Lay the groundwork for devising a solution that is custom-tailored to your specific requirements and which maximizes your benefits
Develop Facilities Strategy
  • If necessary, help you select a design consultant and/or architect
  • Clarify your overall goals – both immediate and long range to create a facilities strategy flexible enough to accommodate your needs
  • Develop a Project Schedule
  • Ensure that your space is designed in such a way as to maximize work flow efficiency and employee productivity
Analyze Market
  • Deliver a written report detailing the site alternatives that meet your goals
  • Examine the pros and cons of each alternative, financially and operationally
  • If applicable, address the desirability of a build-to-suit facility or purchase
  • Provide information on how well each site option meets your highest priority criteria and preference
Investigate Potential Sites
  • Recommend a select list of potential sites that best satisfy your goals and priorities
  • Analyze these buildings and/or construction sites including your existing location as it compares to these options
  • Let you see the full range of options to ensure that you make the best possible choice

Lease Components

Phase II – Negotiating

The Negotiating Phase commences when we mutually agree the time is appropriate to enter the market. At that point, a Request For Proposal will be issued to a select group of Landlords. Our aggressiveness and attention to detail ensure that your interests will be maximized at every stage. With our negotiating expertise and experience, you can be confident that the lease you sign will be optimal for your immediate needs and objectives, while allowing you flexibility should your requirements change in the future.

The following milestones comprise the Negotiating Phase:

Develop and Distribute Request for Proposal
  • Send a Request for Proposal to Landlords of candidate sites
  • Assess from a financial viewpoint the specific lease terms that each Landlord proposes
  • Begin negotiating these terms and conditions to your best advantage
Analyze Alternatives
  • Analyze and negotiate the financial terms of each proposal
  • Evaluate and compare qualitative factors such as construction quality, developer’s reputation, quality of management and building image
  • Provide you with the documents and graphs that present financial information in clear, comparable formats
Analyze and Review Workletter
  • Analyze and negotiate each Landlord’s construction offer to determine the total dollar value of what each Landlord is offering
  • Compare tenant improvements proposed by each Landlord
  • Compare each contractor’s budget/bid and profit, each Landlord’s policy for credits, and other key issues
Negotiate Lease
  • Negotiate the business portion of your agreement in terms consistent with your ultimate goals and objectives
  • Capitalize on the strengths you offer as a Tenant in order to maximize your negotiating position
  • Put the Landlord in a position to make significant concessions and accommodations to your requirements
  • Make recommendations to your legal counsel as to specific lease clauses and coordinate the negotiation of the legal lease terms with your legal counsel and the Landlord

Hypothetical Office Lease

Phase III – Following Through

After you have signed the lease, we will not disappear. We will continue to serve you throughout the duration of the lease. Our commitment to a long term relationship with your company extends long after you have signed the lease and move in.

The Following Through phase consists of the following steps.

Review Project Progress
  • Monitor the construction process according to the Project Schedule
  • Coordinate the entire sequence of relocation activities that occur after you have signed the lease and before you move in
  • Ensure the relocation process is completed as agreed, on time and on budget
Coordinate Move-In
  • Oversee and coordinate details of the actual moving process
  • Provide information to help you select movers and other vendors
  • Put our relocation experience at your service to help make your move as smooth and efficient as possible
Provide Ongoing Services
  • Furnish you with a Lease Summary highlighting key points and critical dates
  • Furnish you with a Project Closing File which includes complete documentation of the entire transaction from start to finish
  • Update you periodically on continuing developments regarding your lease
  • Notify you in writing of actions and decisions requiring your immediate attention
  • Remain available to assist your company with any problems that may arise during occupancy
  • lease and before you move in