Southern California focuses on Its lack of space, while San Francisco’s tech boom buoys its East Bay industrial submarket The Resurgence of Manufacturing in Southern California Will Produce More Deals As the economy continues to recover, so will Southern California’s commercial real estate market. In fact, we have already seen signs of some recovery in

Industrial Real Estate and Its Strong Airport Ties Today, many generally Perceive our economy and the real estate markets as a continual struggle. However, there are silver linings in various submarkets throughout the Westen U.S. that appear to have weathered the storm, gotten onto a road of recovery and provided greater opportunities for investors and

In today’s difficult economic times, it is important for management companies and owners of multifamily and commercial real estate to look for ways to trim expenses, maintain cash flow and survive until the markets can improve. It is safe to say that every company whether directly related to the real estate industry or not, has been and is

In today’s difficult economic times and challenging real estate markets for both residential and commercial real estate throughout the country, it is important for management companies and owners of multifamily and commercial real estate to look for ways to trim expenses, maintain cash flow and survive until the markets can improve. It is safe to say that every company,

The real estate bust left the nation’s urban landscape littered with a plethora of deteriorating, unfinished projects. After sitting untouched for a couple years, some failed projects are finally getting a second chance as banks begin offering them to investors at steep discounts to clear their books and replenish capital reserves. Often priced at 40

In the new millennium corporations will be looking for innovative ways to increase bottom line profits,control costs, and streamline processes.The continuing evolution of advanced technology, as well as continued corporate growth through expansion and acquisition,require corporations that have significant real estate portfolios to reevaluate how they monitor, maintain, and address their real estate issues. Many

The art of lease restructuring

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It’s often said that a company’s work force is its lifeblood, and if that’s true then keeping its real estate costs and facility rents down can be seen as the vital transfusion often needed to keep the bloodstream flowing. In today’s difficult economic times, it is important for commercial tenants and business owners to look

A Creative Affordable Real Estate Solution for Owning Commercial Real Estate As the economy changes, your company may still need new and/or additional facilities to not only upgrade systems and equipment, but for future expansion. In some markets, vacancy rates are in the single digits, and you may need to turn to build-to-suit facilities to

As real estate markets around the country continue to tighten and as the rapid recovery and upswing of the commercial real estate cycle continues, many markets are experiencing vacancy rates in the single digits — which makes finding available product difficult for many tenants. In Southern California in particular, desirable properties often have multiple bidders, both

Being an entrepreneur is about envisioning a better way to do something, and then making the vision a reality. Sometimes, in the process, entrepreneurs create something new which becomes bigger than they could have imagined in their wildest dreams. Meet Barry Saywitz. “I’m not an entrepreneur who sat at home and thought up a great